Z-LED9BR30D50K LED BR30 Flood 9 watt 5000K Dimmable (65 watt eqv.)

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ENERGY STAR® certified light bulb.


The dimmable BR30D lamp light bulb provides 25,000 hours of service – lasting 15 times longer than any non-LED alternative. This LED lighting is energy efficient and money saving, using up to 80% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. This bulb has a color temperature rating of 5000K for a cooler color light.
Some applications for this bulb include lamps, decorative fixtures, recessed downlights, track lights, display lights and enclosed outdoor lights.

LIMITLESS OPTIONS for the following applications:

  • Lamps
  • Decorative fixtures
  • Recessed downlights
  • Track lights
  • Display lights
  • Enclosed outdoor lights


  • Rated Life: 25,000 hours
  • Light Output: 750 Lumens
  • 65 watt incandescent equivalent
  • 110° Beam Angle
  • E26 candelabra base
  • Excellent color consistency and high color rendering (CRI): 5000K/CRI:82
  • Smooth, uniform dimming from 100% – 0.5%
  • Very durable: solid state lighting technology significantly reduces lighting service & maintenance due to robust lighting design


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